Sunday, February 26, 2006

Personal Battle

I will not be able to blog for some time. My family is facing our own battle. We may win or lose. But for us what's important is we fight for what is right.
I know for a fact that there's no perfect place and no perfect people. I know that people are either driven by money and or principles. My family believes in principles and the human factor in every agreement or dispute.
May God guide us and bless us in our own battle. And whatever may happen, Singapore will always be the best country in the world for us.
So folks, whoever you may be, I want to say BYE! And thank you for visiting my site.


kiwipinay said...

So sorry to read something this, Luchie. Hope everything will work out well for the whole family. God bless and see you around in the near future.

Luchie said...

Thanks Beth and Jo Kuiipo for your nice and inspiring words.

Major Tom said...

I know there's no struggle that you couldn't overcome Ms. Luchie. I hope everything will turn out well in the end.

sachiko said...

oh..and i thought that now that im back blogging,we could get in touch with each other again..

hope everything will turn out ok for you and your family,luchie..

hugs..from sachiko

Anonymous said...

whatever it is you're facing now. hope you'll go through it with resilience and grace. we will miss you luchie... surely you can't turn your back on your blogging?? God bless - Ajay

jonboy60 said...

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Luchie said...

Thanks to you major tom, Sachiko, Ajay and jon loh and to all of you who visited this site.