Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Over fed

Don't look at me like that!! I know what you want.

Please listen, it is a sin to consume so much!!
Don't show me your pouting lips!

See, you look like a pregnant goldfish. But you are not.
This is all the fault of your Mommy Paula. She over fed you.
And now, you are so ugly!!!!


Tin said...

that fishie looks like it will explode any time!! is it really over fed?

hi tita luchie! hope all is well!! gong xi fa cai!

Luchie said...

good evening tin! eh, all's well talaga nga, what more we have 4 days holidays yipee!! sarap talaga ng CNY!

thess said...

Hello Ate Luchie, Happy CNY!

ayy, d kaya maimpatso si fishy? he he

take care ate!

bambit said...

hi luchie! that fish looks fabulous, prosperous, just like the chinese dragon!

bing said...

happy chinese new year, luchie!

on the contrary, the fish looks cute to me he he

Luchie said...

Hi to thess, bambit and bing!
Sorry ngayon lang ako mag re reply. i just arrived from the phils.
i'll post about my 4 days stay there next time.
happy CNY to all of you!!!

JO said...

ang cute naman ng goldfish... ang taba taba.

Luchie said...

hi jo! ang taba nga nya eh. and she is sick nga ngayon, as confirmed by my daughter's friend.