Friday, January 20, 2006

A Birthday Present

Christ The Lord, Out of Egypt is the latest novel of my favourite author Anne Rice. This book is hard bound and was a birthday present from my daughter Marielle. I specifically asked her to buy me this book when she asked me what I want for my birthday. And so it means that this book is in my possession for a month and a week already.

I really don't know how to say it but I found the book not as interesting as her other novels. Ohh, this is about the story of Jesus. Honestly, I don't want to be hypocrite, but I found it just an average novel. Sorry friends. But that's it.


thescrubsfamily said...

you sure do read a lot of books. i need to start reading again but I haven't got the motivation to pick up a book, well I did, just for a minute, only a minute. I have a lot of time in my I shouldn't have any excuse not to.

Major Tom said...

Hi Ms. Luchie...I guess her initial foray into the pseudo-religious appears to be not as smooth...Maybe she could do better next time.

Luchie said...

hey there jo!
reading books give us different perspectives. and so am sure you'll enjoy reading books too.

yeah, am sure she'll do excellently in her next project.
Thank you major tom for the visit.

Geejay said...

I like Anne Rice, too. And I'm also into the subject matter (religious themes) but unfortunately, I found the way the story was told to be a bit boring. It was an interesting take of the Bible story specially since she did some research but it wasn't a very exciting read. I liked the author's note at the end better than the rest of the book. :P

Luchie said...

Good morning Geejay! It is nice to know that you like Anne Rice too.