Tuesday, January 10, 2006

On Wet, Wet and Being Assertive

Today is Hari Raya Haji and therefore it is a public holiday here in Singapore. We decided to just stay home as it has been raining non stop since Sunday. Everywhere is really wet, wet and wet. Hayy, we could not even dry our clothes and so clothes are hanged everywhere from the laundry room to the dining area and the terrace. Wahh, what an ugly sight.

I even asked my husband if we can just buy the clothes dryer which he answered with a resounding "NO!!!!" He added that Singapore is in the middle of the equator and it is funny not utilising the good things sunlight can give to sunny Singapore. Why he could not understand that it is rainy season now and it is really so difficult to dry clothes that fast. How I dream I am there in Williamsburg with my daughter. Why over there they have the dryer and at times clothes need not be ironed. How can I tell my husband that I am now a lazy woman and it makes me so tired with everything about laundry? Blogging is the only thing that does not make me lazy nowadays. Hah hahhah...

What hired a help? For goodness sake, I rather do things my way. Hmmm, no I don't have negative comments on househelps. But imagine my $50 dollars gone in a day of ironing. I rather buy some worthy things for myself. I remember that time when we asked that lady and oh, the 8 hours she did ironing, I can do in 2 hours only, I tell you.

And yeah over our family lunch we discussed about each other's work. My husband told us this story a hundred times already and so I better share it with you.

My husband was approached by a worker and asked him if he was kind enough to teach him basic computer. See, the person don't even know how to start the computer. After a few minutes of basic computer, the man went out of the site office very happy. The next day, my husband took notice of a resume lying on his office desk. He found out that the man he taught basic computer skills wrote in his resume that Microsoft Word and Excel were his computer skills. My husband scratched his head. How come that person learnt computer skills in only an hour of tutoring. That is what we call confidence and being assertive!

If people are that all assertive, maybe it is a nice working world we have. What do you think? Or is it funny of people to assert their skills even though they are not familiar with it? But in this tough world where there's a lot of competetion, we really need to be assertive at times, to reach our goals.


sha said...

i dont use a dyer but i prefer it that way bec my clothes last longer
dito winter na its been snowing I have a clothes dyer next to the mac hehee its ok my heater naman!

My husband saw my pile of laundry he said why not get someone to iron them for u,... LE HORROR noooo pls Id rather do it myself

good for that man to learn but too early to put that on his cv ;-)

Miss L its freezing cold here!!!

Luchie said...

Hi sha!
winter pa rin pala. and i'm sure you enjoy the snow too, though, malamig, eh dito ulan lang malamig na.

husticia said...

baligtad naman sa amin. my husband keeps on insisting that i use the dryer pero ako naman may ayaw. i prefer drying using the clothes hanger and then just use the dryer for bigger stuff like blankets, curtains, towels, etc. sayang sa kuryente at madalas kasi lumiit damit namin hahaha

Luchie said...

napansin ko nga, lumiliit ang damit. but ang style don , you'll have to stretch it so it can return to normal size.