Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Morning Surprise

Here's my grand daughter Karlisse. What a pretty baby. I love my own kasi.
Her photo makes my day. Seeing how she looks now is really a pleasant surprise.
And for you anonymous, your comments this early morning as I read my email, is not a surprise for me. I know somebody like you will come up. That is normal.
You see, I love my own. Same as my grand daughter, I love the Philippines as my own. As you know, I am miles away from both. But in the case of my grand daughter, she is miles away but I am so sure she is in good hands. How about the Philippines, is my beloved country in good hands??????
I am not illiterate, anonymous. I know how to read and write and you know my name. How about you? A lurker.


Major Tom said...

Hi Ms. Luchie...Karlisse looks so angelic that truly, she brings so much warmth and happiness to everyone who sees her.

Luchie said...

Thank you major tom. her own mom, my daughter, will be very much happy with your nice words.

to mr. anonymous, i salute you for your high regard of the presidency. why not write all those praises in your own blog.
i just hope you'll not eat your words when you see the real world.

i may be here in Singapore but it doesn't mean you are more patriotic than me because you are there. remember that Jose Rizal travelled the world and came back a more loving Filipino citizen.

my advise: finish your studies, see the world and then you'll know what i am talking about. and don't bother me again.

sha said...

anonymous strikes hahaha...
smile ingat..
cute baby

Luchie said...

thank you sha!

thescrubsfamily said...

Karlisse is such a beautiful baby. So mestiza. We can all wish we have baby skin. I'd like to pinch her cheeks.

bing said...

hi, luchie..

nice picture of this litte baby. everybody has naman this tendency to 'love my own', di ba? but if somebody says this baby is not pretty, the person sure has an eye deficiency. (grins)