Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Culprit

i am sick with tonsilitis since friday. the one photographed above was the culprit. silly me, i consumed a lot even though, i know that my tonsil get inflammed that easy. yes, tonsil only, for i only have one tonsil. i had my tonsilectomy at the age of 12. and up to now, i still like to eat ice cream.

and looking again. he's still there in san francisco. corny, corny. wahhhh!!!!


sha said...

very naughty of you
I shall punish you with more tubs of ice cream.

wala ice cream ngayon dahil winter... I mean not at small shops.
But kahit freezing sa labas aba i still love to eat ice cream

Luchie said...

more tubs of ice cream, yipee! pero di nga ako makanguya. wahhh!