Saturday, September 16, 2006

On Dave Batista

My family is fond of watching sports events on cable. Name it and my husband and daughters can discuss in lengths facts about those sports personalities. And so naturally, I was also encouraged to watch those sports events from basketball to wrestling and learnt to recognize those personalities.

It is heartwarming that my eldest daughter’s husband is also fond of sports. That is why he is also glued on TV watching sports events.

One time, we were all gathered in the family room watching wrestling. I saw Dave Batista on the screen. Based on his physical looks and the way he moves I observed something Filipino in him. So I blurted out loud, “Batista is a Filipino!”

My son-in-law David looked at me jokingly and asked “Mom, why everyone who is well known is Filipino for you?”

I just realized that my SIL was already irritated of me whenever I see on TV, personalities like Rob Schneider and or Vanessa Minnillo and was highlighting almost non stop that they are Filipinos.

Eh naku, patatalo ba naman ako sa kanya! So I answered that it was because Filipinos are talented and that they are everywhere. My SIL just shrugged his shoulders, accepting the fact that he just needs to bear with me.

The good thing is, Dave Batista went to the Philippines. He admitted that he is a Filipino and even showed his tattoo of the Philippine flag. Please read

So, to my SIL David, it is confirmed Batista is a Filipino. Panalo ako!!!

Note: I wish to highlight that my SIL is very Filipino too. He’s trying so hard to speak Tagalog and bought books on how to learn to speak the dialect.


I believe that a child's wish can come true. That is why I am joining the rest as initiated by the famous blogger CaT to be advocates in helping Pyro realized his wish in seeing Batista in person.


bing said...

maybe it's his features that gave way to your saying he's Filipino...

tell your SIL that Filipinos are unique and they always stand out wherever they are.. he he

Luchie said...

yeah, we are a unique people Bing.

cathcath said...

i am trying to get your e-mail.

can you refer to my blog.

sachiko said...

Hi luchie! been seeing batista's name everywhere. pls check out batjays,cat's and tito rolly's blogs and you will know why. :)


cathcath said...

i am looking for your e-mail but can't find one.
please refer to my blog.

Luchie said...

hi sachiko and cathy!

Major Tom said...

Dave Batista is a real famous guy in wrestling although I have not been watching a lot of matches these days and it is a pleasant surprise to learn that he is a Filipino. It only shows that the Filipino can be so capable and talented without limit...kahit saan pwede...

Luchie said...

And that is true Major Tom, kahit saan Filipinos can excel.