Friday, September 29, 2006

TFC's Sojourn

Months ago, I sent photos to TFC's Sojourn. I wanted to experience the feeling of seeing our photos on the screen, though I was doubtful that our photos would be chosen. To my surprise, they featured our photos titled Kyllenne and Darrielle( they misspelled my grandkids names, but it is okay with us.) We first saw the feature last Sunday evening and we were so excited in seeing our photos.

And now as I was watching TFC, they showed our photos again. What a nice feeling!!

Above are 5 of the 7 photos in Sojourn.

Thank you TFC!


kiwipinay said...

ay ang gara??? saan makikita yung sojourn na yun? eehhehehe... wa kami tfc dito eh. :-(

Luchie said...

maybe next time meron na ring TFC dyan sa NZ. abs-cbn's cable channel is going places.

Anonymous said...

anu poh ba yung email address ng sojourn?