Sunday, May 21, 2006


When I saw this photo of my daughter with her friends, the word diverse came to my mind. There’s variety in their place of origin; Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and of course Philippines. They are all friends though they came from different countries. And only here in Singapore, you can see that diversity.

And speaking about diversity, I want to share with you an anecdote.

One time in the centre, I saw one of the girls named Sarah, disturbing her friend during playtime. “Sarah Tay, you can’t do that. Apologize immediately” I told her.

I unconsciously pronounced the sound of “a” in Sarah with a hard “a” as I just watched a TFC the night before with a lot of promotion for Sarah Geronimo’s Bituing Walang Ningning. Yuk Yan who was sitting by my side corrected me; “Ms. Luchie, it’s Sarah Tay” (pronounced with soft “a” with the sound “ae”).

For a short second, I was speechless. Oh, my! I was corrected by a little girl. I gained my composure as I remember my daughter’s photo and told Yuk Yan; “You are correct, that’s how we should pronounce Sarah’s name. But you know, in other parts of the world, they say things differently and it’s correct also. Okay?” Luckily, she said okay.

“Hay naku, buti na lang nakalusot.” From now on, I should be really careful so I’ll not make the same mistake again. "Nakakahiya!!!!" Can I blame that Sarah Geronimo for this????


kiwipinay said...

hahaha!! i can relate, Luchie. like my indian flatmate, we have different pronunciations on some certain words. i say "status" with hard "a" and he can't understand it. he pronounces it as "stey-tus". hay naku! dami pa! ako pinagtatawanan nya. gumaganti na lang ako sa mga spelling nya. nyahahahaha!!! sama nya sa sipelling eh. :D

Luchie said...

*KIWIP, katuwa naman yan! and for sure kasama nung pag write nya ng spelling yung sobrang laking letters, hindi na halos kasya sa papel isang paragraph pa lang yun.....

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