Thursday, May 04, 2006

Colours Around

I am fond of colourful things. Bright colours. And my children are so aware of this. That is why whenever we go out shopping and they see me getting so attracted to those colourful children's things, they will surely say" ayan na naman si Mommy!"

Actually, I don't feel negative about my being so attracted to bright colours and children's things. I just feel that there is happiness in being a person with a child's awareness and likes. I don't even consider myself deprived from children's things either. It is just that the child in me makes my life more comfortable, simple and joyful.

You can imagine my daughters' and husband's disapproval when I displayed those small colourful stuffed toys on our living room's floor. And when we went to IKEA last Sunday, I added those turtles together with that snake from IKEA as bought by my eldest. The funny thing is that when I took the photo last Monday, it just rained and you can see those rain droplets on our glass wall. It seemed that my turtles are coming out from water and going to same direction. Katuwa!( O, ako lang yata natuwa!)

Anyway, whatever people say or whatever people think of me, I am always proud to say that I like colourful things around me.


Flex J! said...

Likewise...Bright colors also attracts me. It does calls one's attention, generally I guess...

Btw, 'am not from Cainta, I am from Manila.

God Bless....

Luchie said...

so felix is your name, not your surname.
i was just curious.
and it is nice you also like colours.
Happy weekend!

elizabeth said...

am not much of a color person when it comes to things... but i do enjoy nature's colors around me... i can get real awed watching lovely simple things...
i like the child in you luchie.. no wonder your "children" loves you!
inggit ako sa 'yo, at one point in my life i wanted to be a teacher and teach kids... never had a chance since i have to concentrate on my present work :-(

Luchie said...

@ elixabeth,
and true also, there is beauty in simple things.
and i am sure you also enjoy your present work.