Sunday, March 26, 2006

View From My Bedroom Window

I am sick again with my tonsillitis. My doctor advised me to have a surgery. But I am too scared. And if ever I decide to, I’ll better fly to the Philippines. Not because I have no trust on doctors here, but because I am more comfortable being hospitalized there where my sisters can visit me.
Now, I am feeling better. The antibiotics I am taking help me a lot. And also the view from my bedroom window makes me feel comfortable. I truly believe that water is really a therapeutic one. For the mere sight of water below makes me feel well and the sound of the water running from the fountain calms me.


Gigi said...

Get well soon, Luchie! If you need the surgery, I do hope you get it SOON and where you're most comfortable. Take care of yourself -- you deserve to after taking care of so many people. :)

Luchie said...

Thank you Gigi! And yeah, I have to take care of myself and follow the doctor's order.

thescrubsfamily said...

Luchie I hope you get well soon. I like your view...that looks like paradise to me.

Luchie said...

Hi jo! Thank you and I'm okay now.