Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Change of Environment

This is in Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. I really don't know why, but I found affinity to the place. Not because my eldest and her family reside there. There is an unexplained feeling. Maybe because of all the books I read about America when I was a child. Now, how I wish I can go back for a visit. But then things in the homefront changed and my plan to fly to US was put in a sideline. Maybe one of these days, who knows, I can fly to the US again. What more with my resignation from my job 2 weeks ago.

Yeah, I resigned from my job. I want a change of environment. Not that my job is not that fulfilling. It is. Only there are things that came up not to my expectations. Small things started and accumulated and I said enough is enough. And surely, I will not bad mouth my present centre. There are still many things I have to cherish especially those about children.

And so in two weeks time, I will be joining the unemployed.

There's an inner voice telling me right now that in two weeks time, I will see the rainbow. How I wish!!!

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