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My centre's theme for Term 2 is honesty. That was why my activities with my children dealt with honesty. I had activities with them on how to be honest in queueing up like in buying tickets to the movies, shopping at supermarkets and in taking taxis, buses and the MRT. The children enjoyed the activities and at the same time learnt one value; honesty. They even chorused with me, "honesty is the best policy."

Honesty is one value I really adhere too. I can say that I am an honest person. But there's one thing negative on this, for I tend to look at people on the rightfulness of what they say , ignoring the reasons or principles why such a little lie or white lies are said. When such words don't match or there's a little bit of deviancy, I tend to lose my trust on the person. I know for a fact, that in other situations, I should understand why such a person say or do such a thing. Though, I still believe that we should always own up or tell the real truth whatever or whoever may be hurt.

Whatever level of honesty or however we look at honesty, I understand that we should always teach children how to be honest. In that way, they will grow to be adults who are also honest.

One honest person I like is Kris Aquino. Others may disagree, but I really like her. And all I can say is "inggit lang sila."

Here's an article about her.

The pitch of success
First posted 11:36pm (Mla time) Mar 22, 2006
By Nini Valera
March 23, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

SHE would discuss almost anything you might want to know about her—how often she needed to wash her hair, what scent she wore, her first attempt at baking a banana cake, or how well she made roast beef (this last one according to her mom).
But Kris Aquino would hold back a little about her fiancé, James Yap.
“Let’s not talk about the wedding,” she pleaded with Inquirer Entertainment. “Or the money.” It’s a given, she said, that she earns more than the guard of the Purefoods basketball team.
What she would divulge was a tentative plan for a church ceremony, perhaps in December.
The national fascination for Kris Aquino continues. She is seen on television daily in “Game Ka Na Ba?” plus on Sundays as one of the hosts on the “The Buzz.”
Kris, 35, had an explanation for her popularity: “Whether they like me or not, I’m honest.”
Six years ago, Kris, who had just broken off with Phillip Salvador, father of her 10-year-old son Joshua, seemed to be at the end of her career.
“No advertiser would touch me,” she admitted. Only a brand of shoe polish brought her back into the elite circle of celebrity endorsers in 2000.
These days, Kris—equally famous for her vanity and her chatter—is pitching 17 products, from the obscure San-San cosmetics to the high-profile clothing line Bench to the institutional macho badge that is San Miguel Beer Pale Pilsen. The latest is the new variant of Pantene shampoo.
Yes, she said, these products are found in her house— in her bathroom, for instance, Kissa Papaya soap; in her pantry, Purefoods corned beef.
“My staff has a list of all the products I endorse,” said Kris. “Even in my mom’s house—the products I endorse are the ones she buys.”
Kris related an incident involving corned beef. Her mom, former president Cory Aquino, had been aghast when, one day, the housekeeper brought home from the grocery the brand of corned beef that Boy Abunda, not Kris, endorsed.
“My mom asked why the majordoma bought that; the answer was, because it was cheaper by 20 centavos,” said Kris.
Boy Abunda, Kris’ best friend, was so amused by the anecdote, he sent President Cory three cases of “his” corned beef brand.
Before she was signed up for Pantene, she related, she was asked to fill out a five-page questionnaire that came from Malaysia. “I told Boy, who closed the deal, that I felt like I was auditioning and I didn’t like that,” Kris recounted. I told him to just send to them pictures of all my billboards on Edsa.”
(This was not the biggest deal for Kris, though, she admitted: “San Miguel was.”)
Since shooting the commercial in Bangkok last year, Kris has darkened her hair, to the consternation of Direk Chito Rono, who hasn’t finished shooting a movie with her and Claudine Barretto. He pointed out that she couldn’t have brown hair in one scene and black in the next!
“He was really annoyed,” Kris said.
At the moment, that’s the only downside to Kris’ almost perfect life.
“I like myself best now,” she said. “When you’re in your 30s and at the peak of your beauty, and you know you’ve done something with your life but you’re still excited about each day ... I like it that James is here. He’s supportive and calm.”
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