Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Special Day

When I was a child,
I used to believe on the negativity
And the bad things
Of what Friday the 13th brings
To people in general.

Then I discovered that
I was born on Friday the 13th.
It made me cry.
It made me terribly sad.

After many years ,
I then learnt to realise
The beauty and specialness
Of Friday the 13th.

And though it is not Friday today,
For today is Tuesday the 13th,
I consider 13th a lucky number.
For I was born today.

Happy birthday to me!!
(My age is a number I don't bother!)



Hi TEACHER LUCHIE! Happy birthday...more blessings to come! Keep smilin' that's the best anti-aging medication :D

Pinoy Teachers Network said...

...best of luck, best of cheers, best of friends your life to share! You desrve to be happy today! How old are you ma'am?

Luchie said...

Thank you Teacher Sol, Thank you PTN!My age? next question please...

PeaceCrusader said...

luchie, thanks for displaying the vfs logo in your site. peace to you.

Luchie said...

Thank you for the visit peacecrusader...

rolly said...

Ah but really
what's with Friday the 13th?
It's nothing but superstition
invented by fools
and we all know
even the ides of march
is now passe

what I do know
is that on this day
a good mother to her children,
a wonderful teacher to her students,
a gracious nana to her grandchild,
an online friend

was born on this day to give joy

happy birthday, luchie.

Luchie said...

I'm ecstatic Rolly!
Thank you thank you!

JO said...

hi! Happy birthday!

hopping from VFS site...

Luchie said...

Thank you Jo!
Can I link you up?

Major Tom said...

Happy Birthday to you Miss Luchie. It's a wonderful day for a wonderful person like you.

Your birthday becomes a reason why the number 13 is a lucky number for many. I think in other cultures, 13 is a number that brings good things.

Luchie said...

Thank you major tom.

DOPS said...

hello! Belated Happy Birthday!

kumusta po ang selebrasyon? me nalasing din po ba....hehe

Merry Christmas na din...


Luchie said...

Hi DOPS! Thank you sa greeting. eh sarap nga sana uminom ng margarita kaso mo me pasok next day kaya coke na lang.
Merry Christmas din.

Tin said...

belated happy birthday, tita luchie! here's to many happy returns!!

Luchie said...

Thanks tin! musta bakasyon sa pinas? merry Christmas to you and family!

ruth said...

belated! :)

hope you had a great day!

Luchie said...

Hello Ruth! Merry Christmas to you!