Saturday, December 03, 2005

Of Love and Abuse

Finally I finished reading the books I bought at Borders bookshop in Berjaya Times Square.

I finished the first book titled, Call Me Elizabeth days ago. It tells how a mother decided on a career for the love of her children.

Last night, I finished reading this book, A Brother's Journey. I was shaken. It was difficult to accept the abuses one child can get from his own mother.

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Life is really full of conflicts, mysteries and unexplained emotions. How can one mother sells her own body for the love of her children and how can one mother abuses her own child for the heck of it?
For me, I will still try my best to point to one and all that children are the best gifts of God. I may also be guilty in one way or another of not giving much love to children, but then, what's more important for me is the thinking that we, adults, need to try our best to understand why children behave in such a way. By that understanding, we can interact with them in a more positive way.
But for child abuse, whether done because of emotional instability or for disciplinary purposes, is still the most unforgiveable act an adult can do to a child.
Therefore let us act now. Stop the cycle of abuses. Let us be aware of how an adult's words and actions could affect a child in his development and lately in adulthood. Let us put LOVE in our words and actions to children so that they will grow to be confident and loving adults in the future.


elizabeth said...

Luchie, i read that a lot of abuses happen because the perpetrators were abused themselves or perceive they were abused and never really got over it.

Di ba it is hard to give love when you don't feel love? The cycle of abuse does not only stop in our helping the children but also the adults.

luchie_g said...

Thank you Elizabeth for the visit. You are correct. Most abusers are abused themselves. For our life is like a recording, what happened in our childhood would come to mind in the adult stage. That is why those adults tend to abuse also. They unconsciously repeat what they temselves experienced in childhood.Yeah, they really need help but being adults they have to initiate the end of the cycle. For if adults will not stop, the children they will abuse will turn out to be adult abusers also in the future.


Hello Teacher Luchie,

I was a volunteer of ABS CBN Bantay Bata when I was still in the Phils. and it breaks my heart that every hour there's a call about child abuse cases by the child himself or a neighbor witness.

Luchie said...

Hello too Teacher Sol!
I heard much about Bantay Bata and I am so happy that children in RP could get help too. Is Tina Monsod Palma the head/coordianator of this org.?
Thanks for the visit.