Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas in Orchard Road

It is Christmas time in Orchard Road. It is a nice feeling walking the stretch of Orchard Road with your family at your side. You really feel that this season is a special occasion with all the lights and beautiful things to see and sounds to hear. Though, it is really commercialized, I am thinking positive of all the glitters I see and hear around. For in all the golden colours, the happy faces and wonderful sounds, you'll feel the presence of someone GREAT.

Truly, a photo speaks a thousand words. For in these photos, I can see a lot of meaning on what Christmas is all about.


cathcath said...

Merry Christmas luchie.
updating your link.

Luchie said...

Thank you cathy.
merry christmas to you!!!

Jonas Diego said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Check out this webcomic I made about the evil (some) men do to women:

Luchie said...

Thank you for your visit too and surely I'll read your post.

bambit said...

Kasadya ning takna-a
Dapit sa kahimayaan
Maoy among nakita ang
Tagbalay nga masanagon
Bulahan ug bulahan
Ang tagbalay nga giawitan
Awit nga halangdonon sa tanang Pasko

Maayong Pasko, Luchie!

Luchie said...

Thank you Bambit for the visit.
and maayong pasko din sa imo.
tama ba yun?

husticia said...

merry christmas ate luchie! next year, pwede na tayong magsabay sa orchard road haha

Luchie said...

hi justice! musta na?
merry christmas to you too.
selamat datang singapura!

ajay said...

Merry Xmas Luchie. Best wishes for the coming year :)

Luchie said...

Merry Christmas too Ajay!

JO said...

Hi Luchie,

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

Great pictures.

Luchie said...

Merry Christmas Jo and to your family!

Mmy-Lei said...

Merry Christmas Luchie and to ur family.

Bloghop from VFS site.

rolly said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. HAving known you is one good reason why I know God is great!

Luchie said...

Merry Christmas Rolly & Family!!!