Monday, September 24, 2007

TFC Shows

*from ABS-CBN interactive site

My youngest daughter informed me that her secondary friend Erwina subscribed to TFC to watch Jericho Rosales in Pangarap na Bituin. It could be so amusing to hear it considering that Erwina is a Malay girl (who is sort of obsessed with everything Filipino) and TFC has no subtitles. How could she understand the language?

But on second thought, we should be proud, right? Imagine, a foreigner is supporting TFC here. So, it is confirmed, TFC is being watched not only by Filipinos but also by locals. ( though I really don't know how many Erwinas are there.)

My daughter who is working in an MNC here has a few Filipino colleagues too who are high flyers. Whenever they have time to talk, they avoid politics, "masakit lang sa ulo..", they reason. And what do they enjoy talking? TFC programs of course.

Here at home, my family is really a TFC fanatic. Not only does it makes us closer to the Philippines, it also makes our family closer. Our dinner time everyday are more enjoyable whenever we talk about those shows or whenever my husband imitate some expressions we heard from the show. We really laugh out loud whenever he'll say that he is more handsome and can act better than that Marudo (Zanjoe Marudo).

So it is obvious, we are really watching Kokey. We really enjoy the show. We really feel we are children experiencing those light moments of simple happiness.

So if you want to know more about that Kokey, subscribe to TFC now. Don't feel you are baduy. There is no word baduy when you are overseas, believe me....

(I can only watch Boy&Kris whenever I am on MC or on leave because it is being shown only in the mornings. If only it will be aired in the evenings, my enjoyment will be more complete.)

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