Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Absolute Mistakes

My second daughter was watching the MTV Awards that time when she called me. I hurriedly went to the living room where she was. So I saw Britney Spears while dancing that unexpected boring number. Then I heard what that lady said “adorable mistakes”. My daughter was laughing out loud and I asked her “Who’s that lady?” “She got no right to say things like that! She’s not funny! She’s ugly, yes!” I added in length. My daughter explained to me that she is a well known stand up comedienne in the US. “And Mum, they are in the US. Why they even say more funny things about George Bush, who’s their president, how much more about Britney Spears?” my daughter added in support of the lady.

Okay, it was said in jest. But to make fun of things and people using children is not funny at all. It is ugly. It is cruel. It is unfeminine.

I remember years ago, when a well known blogger wrote a post making fun of a child. I commented that I was not amused when his joke is about making fun of children. He answered that his joke was not intended for children.
For heaven’s sake then write jokes about adults not about children especially when there’s sexual connotation on it.

And for this lady, do remember that every child will never ever be a mistake. Just think, maybe you are a mistake. But you are not an adorable mistake. Can I say you and your joke are absolute mistakes!!! Well, maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right. But one thing is for sure, I don’t find you funny…….but you really look funny . Ayyy, sorry , I don't mean to be mean naman......

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