Sunday, July 01, 2007

On Changes and The Esplanade

I have been to The Esplanade a couple of times already. But as a requirement for my module on Expressive Arts, I went there again last Monday. Together with my course mates, I joined the guided tour where we visited the 1,600 Concert Hall. It has a superb acoustics by world-renowned acoustician Russell Johnson of ARTEC Consultants, USA. It also houses a 4,700 pipe organ designed and built by Johannes Klais Orgelbau. We also visited the 2,000 seat Theatre which spans four levels and in the style of traditional European houses. It has a horse shoe shape that offers a more intimate setting between audience and stage.

I can say that The Esplanade has its unique beauty inside and outside. That was why I took photos of its main structure when we went out. You see, The Esplanade has a twin shells shaped like a durian, a popular tropical fruit and is clad in glass and metallic sunshades.

When I downloaded my photos, I got so amazed. Look at my photos here.

I thought for a while that the colour change was due to the sunlight. It reflected then produced different colours on glass and metallic sunshades of The Esplanade as was captured by my camera. Upon a closer investigation, I came to believe that there was something wrong with my digital camera. My husband bought it four years ago and so maybe its functioning power is getting erratic. Whatever the reason for the end result of my photo, one thing is for sure, it made me ponder about life, my life.

My photo made me realized that there are changes in the colour of life, same as the colour of The Esplanade. I may be seeing people, especially my loved ones in their real colour at this time; I must also be prepared to see their colour in reds and greens the next time. Oh, I must accept the fact that people change. Whether the change may not be to my liking, I must accept that change. And that I should just pray that I still see the beauty and positiveness in that change.

My photo also made me understand that like my digital camera, some things and aspirations/sacrifices have its ending. And when that ending comes, I should accept it with a positive mind.

Well, it will be very difficult to come to an end and realized that what I have been denying since before is the truth. I should accept the changes because it’s the truth, no matter how painful it is. I just hope that come with the changes, some things beautiful will bloom. How? Only God knows.

In the meantime, I should be happy with all those who believe in me and love me in return.


Pepe said...

matagal na rin naman ako dito sa Sg but not once had I visited Esplanade...maybe it's about time.

Luchie said...

yeah, i think tama ka na time na para bisitahin si Esplanade. sa may City Hall lang naman yun.
regards and God bless!!