Sunday, July 22, 2007

Heritage Gallery

I'm busy doing my many projects for my course. And fortunately a few more weeks and I'll have my free time. Hurray!! But in between doing my many projects in relation to my course and work, I can't resist to peek here and yeah, to post something. Bakit kaya?

Well, two weeks ago, I met with my coursemates, my groupmates actually. We had an adult field trip. And of course we ate at McDonalds afterwards. Eh, we look like kids yata. That is why they say that ECE teachers are really young looking because we act like kids. Maybe.

Now, can you guess where we went for a trip? Just look at the photos below.

These are taken in the Heritage Gallery of Singapore Philatelic Museum.

So if you are keen to know the history of Singapore and its culture, why not go and visit now. Surely, you will be entertained what with the many facts about stamps and the different stamps on displayed there.

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