Thursday, July 05, 2007

Foreign Talents

My 15 month course is coming to an end in less than two months time and I am feeling so stressed what with the requirements needed to complete it. But looking ahead, I am sure I can have my long awaited break/vacation. And that will be the best of it. At last, I can relax.

Same with my course mates. As we are all anticipating for the completion of our course, plans in the future pop up in our conversations. They also have expressed their plans. I expressed my desire to go to the US, when and for how long my stay will be is not definite.

I was asked / answered “Going back to Philippines?” “How can you leave your daughters?” “After the bond, must go back to your own country!!??!!” With all these questions/answers, I, at times get irritated. I may have shown my irritation in a civil way; still I get upset at times.

Whoa!!! Why do people ask questions and answer their own questions for me? That is human nature and we all know the reason why. There is no point for me to discuss. For this has been happening since day one. All I can say now is that whoever, whatever, wherever, whenever, jealousy streaks will be prominently expressed in different degrees.

Sometimes, I am thinking of the path me and my husband had taken as foreign talents. We did seek and then were presented with options and choices. We decided on the ones we thought would be the best for our own family. We left Hong Kong for a more stable life here in Singapore. We reasoned then that our daughters would have the best education and best opportunities here as compared in HK. We found out that to be true. My daughters were accepted in local secondary schools, made good in their O levels, were allotted their own slots in local Poly , completed their diplomas with flying colours, landed prestigious jobs here while studying for their University degrees (my second completed her degree at RMIT and my youngest is still taking her degree).

Were those opportunities and achievements given in a silver platter? NO. My daughters worked hard for their achievements, considering that Singapore education system is entirely different from the Philippines. So to be asked how come the government accepted foreigners in Poly when they, citizens had difficulty to enter, made me bit my lips in frustration. Isn’t it a common knowledge that to be able to enter a polytechnic one must have passed the O Levels and have good aggregate grades?

And now, when you are faced with statements as if telling you to go back to your own country, what would you feel? How it would feel when you know for yourselves that you have been and still are contributing to the community and the economy of your adopted country? That you became permanent residents years ago because of your own merits? How would you feel when you know in your hearts that this country has been your home for so many years?

Okay, I admit that at times, it feels so sad when questions and or statements were given and pointing on your face that you are just a foreigner here. Well, I should just not be affected by it. I should try to understand them. And tell me, how many people would ask that? Only a few. Mostly, people are just so busy with their daily life in this cosmopolitan state. One thing, I presume that most are aware that we are living in a global world now. And so what if I am just a foreigner?

So I maybe going to the US to be with my daughter, but surely, I know I still have a place here in SG. I can come back. My two daughters are doing well here.

I have to be thankful with what they have. And no one has to remind me to say “Thank you Singapore!”


evi said...

your kids are grown-ups now. i'm sure they can already manage to care for themselves. it's not like you are abandoning them. and sometime in your life, you will eventually have to let them go anyway because they may get married and have their own family. it is this time of your life when you focus your plans back to yourself. you have dedicated many years of your attention to your children and that's why they are where they are now. it doesn't matter what other people say. live your life the way you think is best for everyone. you know better than them.

Luchie said...

thanks for the comment evi, i appreciate that.