Saturday, June 16, 2007

My 7,107 Experience

On Sunday, the Life Section of The Straits Times featured the newly opened Filipino restaurant located at the second floor of Marina Square. Since the writer made it clear that the restaurant is serving authentic Filipino food, we became so excited and decided to visit the next Saturday which is today.

Due to previous appointment, we managed to reach the restaurant named 7,107 Flavours at around 2.30 in the afternoon. Okay, the place is nice but the food disappointed us, especially me. While eating, we could not help ourselves from complaining. As there were only a few people, our voices might be audible. So I was not surprised when one lady went to our table and introduced herself as one of the owners. She discussed a lot about the restaurant, the restaurant set up especially the kitchen, the how and why of the food preparation and their other plans. She added that one of the chefs was the personal chef of Kris Aquino. She ended by saying her hope of a continuous support from us.

Well, we decided to go there to experience real Filipino food, nothing more. But what did we get? Imagine me asking for the comfort room only after a few bites. What an experience! Why were the foods so cold? Yeah, I understand that we came in an unholy hour. But for God’s sake why they never managed to heat the food? Where was the authentic Filipino food? Where was the kare kare?

Okay, I never ever imagined myself writing all this. But with this media exposure, you could not blame my family if we expected the best, if not a better dining experience.

I hate it that I have to post this. I just hope that they will just improve. As my husband said, “give them a chance.” So maybe after 3 months, we will be going back there. And we hope that by that time, we can proudly say, “hey, we went dining in the best Filipino restaurant in Singapore. And we had a 7,107 gastronomical experience!” Isn’t that something?

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to go out with my wife and surprise her with a visit to this resto... but so far, I have not encountered a good comment on the restaurant. I read this a while ago...nakakahinayang naman kung ganito ang sasabihin ng ibang tao.