Monday, June 11, 2007


Approximately three weeks ago, if I am not mistaken, my second daughter mentioned an interesting website for me to visit. She added that I would surely be entertained. She pointed that she did not find it by accident but was given by her long time friend, Majalyn. I got interested of course. Why so?? Majalyn is my daughter’s childhood friend and former classmate who graduated a double degree of Accountancy and Economics from UP and is now working at the Philippine Stock Exchange. Added to that is her being the girlfriend of the Class’ Magna Cum Laude. Surely, the site would be predictably worth noting.

My daughter repeated the message to me: “Chizmiz…..”

It made me laugh. And I visited the site Honestly, I was entertained reading one showbiz news from another. But lately, as I read one comments from another, I feel shame. I feel shame for those commenters. I feel shame for those who condemn one actress/actor from another; especially those about Ruffa Gutierrez. Ahhhh, they are free daw to comment and write what they want. What a mentality!!!

I discovered one post/blog just now. I felt happy, knowing that there are people like her. Why not visit this intelligent post about battered wives. Do visit Midlife Mysteries at

Ohhh! Of course, I will still visit that PEP site. Those nasty comments? Hmmmmm. Daming inngitera!!!!!!

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