Friday, June 01, 2007


I have a four day holiday this week. Yesterday, Thursday, was Vesak Day and a public holiday here in Singapore. Today, our centre placed it in our calendar as a closing day. Tomorrow will be Saturday and of course the next day will be Sunday. I wrote on my notes what my plans would be for those days. I should have accomplished something by now. Ahhh, and here I am on my second day. What have I accomplished? I am beginning to believe I also have ADD. I am easily distracted nowadays. I can't focus. I should. I must. I need to finish my project on time.

I want to confess that though I was distracted, I also chose those distractions. I was distracted by the movie, The Pirates of the Carribean At World's End. We watched it days ago but still the image of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow is still lingering on my mind. Now, I am confused who I really like, Jack Sparrow or the real handsome Johnny Depp. Hmmm. Obviously, I'll be waiting for the part 4. I just hope that I'll not get sleepy in the middle of the movie. Oh, I know now why I am distracted. I can't believe that I fell asleep for a few minutes while watching the Pirates. There must be something wrong with the story line. What do you think?

My husband's photos from Gujarat distracted me. He sent me a lot of photos about that place in India. Imagining them made me think of the Philippines. Should I compare? I agree, I should write, see and say the positive side about my country. But on second thought, how can you see the beauty and positiveness when the ugliness created by humans are seen and observed so prominently?

I was distracted by TFC. How could I miss one show from another? A whole day and night of TV viewing made my documents waiting in vain. Tell me, how can I resist that Turkish man talking on TV and saying that word "brutus" to his famous Filipina wife? I imagined how I would be reacting if my ordinary husband would tell an ordinary me that I am a brute. Ahh, life!

The magazine, CNN Traveller consumed a part of my time too, especially the article by Anjali Rao titled Material Girl. Ms. Rao interviewed Imelda Marcos, the former first lady. Based on the interview script, I can say that I see a priveleged person still in denial. Hmmm, maybe she's saying according to her truth naman. Why should that be a distraction?

Ohh, I better concentrate on my report writing. Actually, who cares if I could not concentrate? Silly me. I may also have that delusions. LOL

I just want to say thanks for the mention Cathy of My blog is still here because you alerted me. Thanks.

Ayy, naiba na naman flow ng topic. Am really is distracted.......

But I tell you, it is good to be distracted at times. Distractions made me appreciate life better.


cathy said...

ah after the incident, i forgot to put back the link to your blog. Dementia. hehehe

musta na?

Luchie said...

I'm okay. Thank you