Saturday, November 12, 2005

Coat of Arms

My daughter commissioned somebody to make coat of arms for her family name which is my husband's and her husband's name. Since my daughter's husband is really proud of his Spanish roots(or is it Mexican roots as my daughter teased him most of the time), the frames and with writings/explanations/details of the families are prominently displayed in their living room. And yes, with coat of arms, you tend to be so proud of your ancestry.

I remember my daughter ,who was then in grade 1, came to me in tears and said that some girls teased her in school as her surname sound so awful, like a name for a "basurero". I then explained to her that she should be proud of her father's family name. I showed her the encyclopedia and pointed to her the great spanish poet, Gongora. The next day she brought the encyclopedia to school and showed them all that her lolo is a great Spanish poet.

My eldest gave me a smaller version of the coat of arms for my husband's family name. So when I came back here in Singapore, I displayed it also. Though it got no written expanation, it is still a nice wall decor. I like this coat of arms. But as for the name, I'm sorry folks over there, "wa ako ma say...."


Jet said...

Wow! Ang astig, naman, may coat of arms kayo. I didn't know you could commission somebody to do that for you.

Hmmm... ako din kaya magpagawa. Ano kaya lalabas? Yours looks really nice. :)

Luchie said...

Good evening from here Jet!
Yeah, my daughter saw this shop in Honolulu. They make real coat of arms. But first, they have to see and confirm first if your family got the coat of arms. Once they confirmed, they will do for you, all embossed with sribblings and in frames,and within 6 months they will shipped to your address. It comes with an extra miniature coat of arms, like the one I have as a bonus.
If you are interested, I can ask my daughter for the address of the shop.