Sunday, November 20, 2005

Almost Done

In all the things we do in our life, the initial stage is always the most difficult part. Like in publishing a magazine/newsletter for our centre. It took me a lot of efforts to convince parents and teachers alike to write an article or a short paragraph about a certain topic . It takes a lot of focus and hardships. But then, after all those pains, the joy of seeing the result is immeasurable.

I am happy that our maiden issue's lay out is almost done. And I am so proud of this baby of mine. This issue is consists of 16 pages only and with topics about the children's visit to the farm and the K2's visit to Marsiling Primary School for their getting to know the school session.

As you can see the young children on the cover are the Toddlers and Nursery One. It's because the cover story is about them talking to adults about belongingness and "Watch Me Grow".

Though this newsletter/magazine will be printed in black and white, I am sure it will turn out fine. I hope. I hope.

When I was in another organization, I was also so happy in doing this type of project wherein we have 4 issues in a year. But here in my new organization I am doubly happy because I can be the real ME.


Major Tom said...

Hi Ms. Luchie. I have been an ed-in-chief before back in college and it is always a joyous occasion every time the mag gets published. Congrats to you and more power.

Luchie said...

Thank you Major Tom!
From the way you write,it is not surprising to know that you are an editor-in-chief of your school's mag.