Tuesday, March 01, 2005

To Lisa

As you can see I already deleted the whole entry I wrote yesterday.
But I still have your comment with me as it was automatically forwarded to my email account when you commented though of course I got no resource to know who you really are.
I salute you for commenting like that and with links pa, meaning you labored on it.
Why not use your talent in useful means?
Here I was making light of the result of the contest, and you entered my site as if you have the right on my private life.
You don't even know who really am I .
To tell you frankly, I am proud of what I have achieved here in Singapore.
And for me to reach that far is something I am proud of.
Can you speak that of yourself?
Or are you just simply proud of lurking in the dark?
Or are you Filipino enough to malign our being Filipino reputation the more?
SORRY, your kind are just for TRASH!!!!!!!
Thank you for commenting okay!


Luchie said...

why not come back here? this is the 2nd time you did this to me. i know you are somewhere there. why not come back and tell me why you hate me? what have i done or said in the past that made you behaved that low? come in the open, you coward!

sachiko said...

Luchie dearie,what happened? You sound so mad,did you have an unwelcome guest? oh my!

You did well on the contest! It must have been an interesting experience for you. Mac or no mac,you're the winner for us!

luchie_g said...

hello, yeah this person commented very rudely that i deleted the entry.
i don't know who she or he is. all i know is that she is a coward.

rolly said...

luchie, i had been away for sometime so just like sachiko, is puzzled over this post. You seem to have been visited by a rude guest. Keep your cool and this too shall pass.

schatzli said...

Dear me, why all these lurkers can be so nasty? If they don't like others people postings why they read... and just to add nasty words? Hope you are feeling better, I say you are not writing this blog to please or to annoy ONE PERSON. This is you page, your voice! 4th place is more than a winner! with or without the iMac!
Can I give you a least a hug?

Bambit said...

naku luchie hayaan mo pag nakasalubong ko yang duwag na lurker na yan bubunutin ko buhok nya clump by painful clump tapos hihilahin ko ng pliers mga kuko nya sa paa ... you're the winner in my book!

schatzli said...

PS been a victim myself today,an american guy married to a filipina who hates modern women left a nasty comment at a friends blog and included me. He doesnt even know me, sad old man!

Luchie said...

Thank you for your advise. i cooled down na. though i am sure i just reacted normally...

Luchie said...

i am feeling better now. thank you.
hey, your pic too microscopic, when can i see your pretty face?

Luchie said...

Hi Bambit!
naku sakit nun ah! sana nga makita natin siya para pareho natin siyang bunutan ng buhok.
i just received an email from TDAM, they will give me an iPod Shuffle sa awards ceremony on Saturday. yehey!!!

Luchie said...

wala nga yatang magawa ang ibang tao eh. hayaan na nga natin sila.

Dutched Pinay on Expatriation said...

Hey Luchie, Don't get it to you... these people are either losers or they just want to have fun (trolls). I am a victim myself, so I have deactivated the anonymous postings.

I have stalkers... pinoys, americans, and europeans hahahaha. They normally twist what i write and parade it in another forum to prove something which i dont even know what it is. My recent stalker, Steve T is from Ohio (i think he or she is a troll feeding on the blogworld, walang magawa, full of hate) who is sick and tired of reading about my life on shopping, travelling, life in holland-europe, what i eat and drink, hahaha. naiinis sya, but he/she still keeps reading every word i publish! how sad that is!

Anyway, I will leave you a thought, a friend of mine gave it to me after seeing the stalkers comment in my blog:

"If you're not criticized, you might not be doing much." - Donald Rumsfeld

Take care and chin up!

Bokbok said...

tita luchie, hi!

so how're you feelin' now? ^_^
just ignore her/him! you can always put her/him in the trash can (where she/he belongs).
today, someone left her url (disgusting) in my shoutbox, can't delete, that's my problem...

Luchie said...

Miss T:
Hello Miss T. So madami nga pala talagang walang magawa. i like those words by Donald Rumsfeld. Thank you for sharing.
And regards. I'm sure you fell in love with Madrid too.9 I haven't been there, we plan to when my husband and me retire in a few years time)

Luchie said...

hi Boks!
same with me she left that disgusting url...

schatzli said...

Luchie: Please posts photos on the awarding day! iPod wow! congratulations ulit!

celia kusinera said...

Buti cool ka na ngayon Luchie! Bayaan mo lang yang mga na i-inggit.
Pero lalu ka ng magiging kewl 'coz of your new iPod! Wow ako ngayon ang inggit! Hehehe!

AnP said...

ok ka na?

just think, you must have invited someone's envy kaya ka iniinis with anonymous comments.

Next time, trace the IP.

Luchie said...

Wow see ur photo na. ur a beauty!
for sure my daughter will take photos of me.

Luchie said...

celia K:
i think the iPod just cost US$99.
mas maganda siya dahil libre ha ha ha !! alam mo naman dito sa SG pag libre, may mahabang pila, pareho sa HK.

Luchie said...

Good morning AnP!
eh nakakataka naman siya bakit maiinggit eh ordinaryo lang ako. how to check the IP, dapat nga ganun gawin ko.

cathcath said...

naku luchie,
ako nilagay ko sa archive yong mga maanghang na comments sa akin. ginamit noong blogger ang site niya sa paninira sa akin. marami siyang hits noon pero ngayon wala na.

Major Tom said...

Hi Ms. Luchie..Just want you to know that I symphatize with you. Hope everything will be fine.

sachiko said...

susme,luchie darling,dami mong comments! we're all worried for you,hope you're okay now. Pag nangyari kaya sa akin yan,ano kayang magiging reaction ko? Yikes,I hate these things,it might stop me from blogging. :)

Luchie said...

Hello Cathy!
buti naman tumigil din yung naninira sa yo noon..

Luchie said...

Mr Masdal:
Thank you . I am fine now.

Luchie said...

I am okay now. Thank you.
kaya nga gumawa na lang ako ng music blog with my husband. mabuti pa ang music. when I visited pinayexpat(AnP) naron yung Manila ng HotDog. naalala ko tuloy college days ko...

bambit said...

you can edit your shoutbox and keep that xxx url out by deleting the post and then performing a flush. pero before you do that, copy the IP address muna tapos i-paste nyo dun sa Shoutbox configuration > IP-/Time limitation. Banned na siya forever, until gumamit siya ng bagong IP, that is. Then just do the whole thing over again.

Luchie said...

Hello Bambit. thank you for sharing this info.

TECHGUY (hinde guapo pero medyo bastos) said...

Makasingit na nga miss Luchie_G

Ni-rereverse psychology ka lang noon, meron siyang (NPDS) no-pansin deficiency syndrome…hehehe

Luchie said...

mr techguy:
Hello! baka nga no..
NPDS (no pansin deficiency syndrome) ang galing naman ng invented personality disorder mo. pero baka nga no. pero papansinin ko naman siya pagnagpakilala.
thank you for visiting my site too.

Thess said...

'Te Luch, what did I missed?

bakit kaya may ganyang klaseng mga tao ano? hindi ko man nabasa sinabi nya, i've a feeling it wasn't a pleasant one.

oh, kibit balikat na lang hangga't kaya :)

Luchie said...

tama nga, dapat kibit balikat na lang sa mga taong ganyan.

Gigi said...

Naku, I can't possibly imagine what your lurker wrote to get you so riled up (hindi kita ma-imagine na galit na galit). But like everyone else has said in some form or another, just ignore him/her. If you get visibly upset and challenge this person, that's exactly what s/he wants: attention.

Congratulations on winning your iPod - wheeee! BTW have you considered getting an eMac instead? It's nothing like the iMac you test drove for sure, but I really love mine (and it's so much less expensive to boot).

We can't wait to see pictures!

Luchie said...

Thank you. what is eMac tell me. maybe i'll try one. better i ask mr. google na.
regards to you and your sisters.