Sunday, March 06, 2005


Thank God its Friday! A nice walk around the neighbourhood and eating out are one of the best things Friday night can give. Oh how I love Friday nights!

Friday night can also be a revelation. As we talk longer on Friday nights compared to ordinary days from Monday to Thursday, it is only on Friday nights that we get to digest longer the snippets of things we talked on ordinary days. Therefore Friday nights is a conclusion night.

Yesterday night, we discussed about the lurker. To my amazement, my two daughters were unanimous in saying that what the lurker wrote was just a creative way of being in touch with me. They added that this is the internet age and if a person don't want to be known it is okay.
Wahh! I could not understand that.

With my daughters having a thinking like that, it revealed something to me. I brought them up well. For a person to have wide perspectives on life is an asset in itself.

Now, I am more inspired. I pray that there will be more Fridays to come for us.

So here is one of my favourite poem,
DESIDERATA, as written by Max Ehrman. For the Tagalog translation, you can ask Rolly as this is one of his favourite post in his famous site.


Be yourself
Especially do not feign affection
Neither be cynical about love;
For in the face of aridity and disenchantment
It is as perennial as the grass.


rolly said...

For your daughters to be so forgiving and understanding like that, I'd say you did bring them up well.

yes, the desiderata is my all time favorite. It's my guide and i hope would be my kids' too. That inspired me to make that translation. The problem is, mas hindi yata nila naintindihan. Waah!

Thanks for your kind words. It always inspires me when I read comments like the ones you made.

Luchie said...

With your Tagalog translation we learnt from you. You refreshed to me the meaning of universe. That even my K & D, my grand daughters will surely learn in the future. They can speak a little bit tagalog too.
You deserve all the good words. from everybody.
Have a nive weekend!

Luchie said...

nice weekend yun..

sachiko said...

Yay! Para lang kayo magkakapatid and you seem to be very close to each other. What a lovely family!

Thanks for the very generous comment! :)

Luchie said...

the fact is we visited ur site many times for my children to see how pretty you are. you look like Kate hudson ha, she is Goldie Hawn's only daughter.

ajay said...

Hello Luchie..good to hear that you like the desiderata. I made an earlier post about it too. I look at it when am depressed..

gee sorry haven\t visited lately so i did not see the missive of your stalker. Am sure he's a bigot who is not able to take the accomplishments of some Filipinos. That's because we're better off than him/her. Am beginning to see na me discrimination sa blogosphere. Fuck 'em. Cheer up, Lou!

Luchie said...

I am okay now actually. about discrimination, its up to them. basta we know who we are. and that counts the most.
thank you for the visit.
give my regards to your twins, they are so pretty.

Thess said...

'te Luchi, ang ganda pala ng mga dalaga mo!

at mapang unawa pa...good traits *thumbs up*

Luchie said...

thank you sa compliment.

schatzli said...

Ms Luchie beautiful girls you have!
Anyway am going back to UK this week then by next off to Norway na, I will sign a 6 months trial for my new job, then if I like the work the place then I might stay longer. I know its out of topic here but last night my norwegian languange tutor chased me as I was leaving and said:
BE YOURSELF! You will be fine in Norway.
Be myself!

Luchie said...

hey Schatzli, nakakatuwa ka, really, i want to meet you personally someday. enjoy your Norway stay, ganda ganda daw dun as in malinis pa like here in SG

husticia said...

hi ate luchie, nakiki-"ate" na lang ha para may respect ang dating.

it's nice na ganon ang reaction ng daughters mo..hindi mahilig sa gulo. and it's true what they said, about the internet age. ako kasi, just recently got victimized by "bad commenters" ako. pero once in a blue moon lang naman. "tao lang ako" hehe

Luchie said...

Ok lang na ate.
hindi sa pagbubuhat ng bangko, pero mababait nga sila pag tulog at pag gising hahaha!
e dapat lang naman minsan magalit din. pero after that tapos na.