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My Published Articles: Filipinos proud of Miss Philippines

"as published in The New Paper thursday June 3, 1999"
"long time ago,yes. but it was my first try....."
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I read, repeatedly,Mr Brian Miller's report "She almost made it" (The new paper on Sunday, may 30). It left me no choice but to respond.
The Filipino people are proud of Miss Quimbao, our Miss Philippines, for making it to the top 10 and mostly for being chosen the First Runner Up of the Miss Universe Finals.
She did not win the crown.
We were saddenned by this of course, "sayang" (wasted) in our own lingo.
But it didn't hinder our rejoicing in what she has accomplished.
What she has accomplished in the pageant is commendable, a feat any people in the world should be proud of.
Miss Philippines is a licensed physiotherapist.
her being a professional with an intention to take a doctoral degree is an indication that she is an academic achiever, and therefore profecient in answering questions whatever the circumstances may be.
her answer at that precious moment may not have been excellent, but she was able to express her views, and that counts.
True, she choked, and at a very inappropriate time.
That is no fault of hers. it can happen.
She may have come from a far away fishing vilage, but that doesn't make her less of a person. she carried herself well when she tripped on the stage, and the dignity with which she faced the audience elevated her to a level matching that of a real queen.
I can't believe that a country which produced two Miss Universe winners will ask the help of an artist from Venezuela to train its representative to the pageant.
Finally, the writer's article is demeaning not only to Miss Quiambao, but to the whole Filipino people as well. I can say its very cruel.
We dont need Mr Miller's congratulatory remarks.
For ours is a land of beautiful women , with brains and talents. There will always be a chance for a Miss Philippines to be a Miss Universe.

note: like all contibuted articles, mine was edited. the above was the edited article that appeared in the Letters section of The New Paper here in Singapore.


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It appeared in the SpeakUP column of TNP

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