Monday, November 29, 2004

Long Ago

Long ago, I wished to meet you.
For I wanted, to get along with you.
You are my love's dearly beloved.
And knowing you that was what I wanted.

Long ago, I tried to give you the best.
Gifts and presents from east and west,
And love I showered to make things rest.
But everytime, were not nice as you attest.

Long ago, I tried to endure.
A better life I wanted to be sure.
So I closed my eyes, to see all pure.
And painful comments,disregarded the cure.

Long ago, I prayed to be free.
To live my life the best I can see.
Decide a future, as happy as can be.
And bring back what was lost, my dignity.

Living my life away from you.
Laughing and dancing is what I do.
And learning life's blessings too.
But always, the memories of long ago.

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