Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My Best Editorials

Editorial for our issue : Children At Work and Play
(Woodlands Newsletter issue 01/ 2004
Metropolitan YMCA Singapore
ChildCare and Development Centre)

Being a civilized society, we set aside the first of May as Labour Day in honour of labour.
We do work, either physical or mental exertion, particularly for useful or desired end, and to earn wages. With the work we do, we contribute to the progressnot only of our selves, but our family and nation as well.
As we contemplate on our own work, I invite you to ponder on our children and their most desired activity- play.
Observing children at work and play is heart warming and a mind opener too.
Just look how the new children radiate enthusiasm: the swimming buffs exhibit confidence; the future fire fighters manifest honour and pride; the library visitors reflect eagerness and how the little lambs smile with happiness and trust.
With children at work and play in our mind, I am sure, we adults can learn a lot too. We can then appreciate and enjoy our own work as much as they can.
Happy Labour Day to all!


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