Monday, November 29, 2004

My Published Articles: The Child in Jackson

The child in Jackson
Pop star sincere in his love for children

(published in Today, Thursday, February 27, 2003.
Letters Section of Today, a Singapore newspaper)

Many have reacted to the documentary, Living with Michael Jackson in a negative light. After watching the programme, I have concluded that he is sincere in his love for children. He is childlike and shows his love in such a way.
It is difficult for some to understand how or why such a man acts the way he does. They should know, however, that adults should bring out the "child" within them to interact better with children and be understood.
As for the other "inadequacies" highlighted by the programme's host, British journalist Martin Bashir, my view is that they are related to Jackson's personal choices.
Jackson is, like everybody else entitled to his decisions. And if they don't hurt anybody, people should accept them.
The pop star also made the decision to be interviewed and I assume that he did it in good faith.
Let me share with readers this saying: "Children are God's gifts. What we turn them into is our gift to God".
It is up to Jackson if he wishes his children to be a presentable gift to God. I think he means well, regardless of the reasons he has in bringing up children on his own.

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Krizelle Harmon said...

I think most people should know that in AMERICA, within the walls of our constitution, people are innocent until proven otherwise. These allegations of child molestations are proposterous from the very beginning. The "alleged" child victim chose to be PAID OUT! And in recent years have recanted all testimonies and told that he did lie about the molestation charges against MJ. It is a sad truth, that no matter how good a person is (was now), evil will always find its way in any situation. BUT the law is the law, and no other law system is more complex than the American Justice System.