Sunday, October 07, 2007

Thank God For You

I received this card from one of my student. I was really touched. And the card is really nice. So extraordinary. It is embroidered. If you want to know details about the card, do visit the company website at
Well, I am aware that being an early childhood educator or pre school teacher, is a lowly profession as perceived by uninformed others. But most parents and children alike elevated my profession to a higher level. I am happy.
As they thank God for having me as an important person in their lives, I am also thankful and happy that I have been a part of their lives too.


evi said...

teaching becomes even more rewarding when students show their appreciation. i bet you are well loved by your students.

Luchie said...

that is true evi.

bingskee said...

teaching is a very noble profession if practiced with integrity and dedication. people must not look down on it. no profession is better than the other. no point of comparison. but there are good, better, best teachers, or professionals.

Luchie said...

Hello Bing!
There is no doubt that teaching is a noble profession. Regular professional development seminars and courses also help us to be the best quality teachers we can be. And that applies to all professions.