Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Chicken Macaroni Salad

I am now home most of the time in preparation for our trip. We booked our tickets last week of August and paid for them a month ago. Why that early when our trip will be the last week of October? We were thinking then that if we pay earlier, the tickets would be cheaper. One thing my husband wanted that to be settled at once. But now that the newspaper ads are showing cheaper tickets, I really don’t know now if we really made the right decision to book and pay our tickets that early.

Going back to my staying at home, well, I really planned to have a sort of short vacation before our flight so I can do chores here like cooking for my daughters.

Before, whenever my daughters have examination, I always see to it that I cook pasta for them. Since my youngest will have an exam tomorrow, she requested a chicken macaroni salad. How can I decline my bunso? I told her that I will prepare the best for her.

The problem was I have not cooked or prepared that salad for a long time. And I already forgot how to do it well. It was easily solved as I searched the net how to prepare it. I read the pinoy cook’s post about it and another one from allrecipes.com. Guess which recipe I followed? I combined the two. Though those recipes and their cooking are excellent, I could not say that about mine. Wahh, I am not a real good cook kasi. But you know what, my chicken macaroni salad turned out to be good. I am proud. Just look….

O di ba puede na rin..... My shredded lettuce, Sun-Maid raisins and a tablespoon of Kraft Zesty Italian dressing made a difference. And pinoy cook's suggestion of chopped chicken instead of himay was a plus.

So maybe my bunso can show me an HD result.. Sana....


evi said...

if you already bought your tickets, refrain from checking ticket prices from then on so you will not feel that you made the wrong decision. that's what i do.

your chicken macaroni salad looks good.

Luchie said...

thanks sa suggestion and i know naman that those ads have hidden fees pa. kaya okay din lang pala yung maaga.