Friday, December 01, 2006


I am supposed to be sitting not in front of the computer but over there in that air conditioned room where I should listen and need to learn more about developmentally appropriate curriculum. I was not able to attend that course for the simple reason that it suddenly just hit me that I was so tired those thirty minutes ago. Yeah, I suddenly felt so tired. Imagine that, I was able to condition my mind that I was tired to attend my lesson. Hmmm, what’s happening to me?

Well, as much as I like to attend my course, I suddenly could not bring myself to get out of the house after an hour rest from full day work. There are many things on my mind that bother me. Surely, I would not be able to concentrate with the lesson if I pushed myself to attend.

So what is the purpose of my post? Ahhh, I just want to remind myself that I should not ever open the book I closed years ago. And if ever those people happen to read this post of mine, I’d like to say this: “sorry guys, but you are just part of my bad dream, gone forever in my consciousness!!”

Acch, I’m tired! But surely, this tiredness is just for a fleeting moment. I know that my stamina to face my life is still there. For I know that God gave me those strength to face my life with much courage. I know I know…..


sachiko said...

hey luchie my friend..hope you are not overdoing things,take things slowly,k..

did you meet batjay while he was there? i heard he met up with justice.

regards to all :)

Luchie said...

Hi dear Sachi! Thanks!
Mr batjay came down to SG? Well, I don't think with his busy schedule he would have the time to meet an ordinary grandmom blogger like me. But surely, it would be nice meeting the funny man in person.And his wife of course.

rolly said...

You must be experiencing the blues. I do so, too. But I manage to come back and with a vengeance. And so will you. Cheers!

Luchie said...

I agree Rolly. after the blues, a bright day will surely follow.