Monday, June 26, 2006


How can we forget summertime especially those summers when we were young? Like every body else, I also cherish my childhood summers. Not only for those memorable moments, but also for the food associated with it especially those that we indulged with our puppy love(s).

My frirst summer away from home. Please visit my food blog


Major Tom said...

Summer always reminds me of clear sunny day more than any season. It is a time for flying kites and bird watching and of course swimming. Even as now, when I am an adult already, I always anticipate the coming of summer like it's a carnival of sorts, and I want my children to love the season like I did, and find some great enjoyment in it.

Luchie said...

Hello major tom! from what you wrote enjoy nga talaga summer mo. and for sure gaganda ng mga kites mo. i like to see children and adults flying kites especially the colourful kites. i enjoy watching them.