Friday, March 20, 2009

For Chiz Escudero

Based on the news we heard and seen on TFC, prominent politicians are already preparing for the upcoming 2010 presidential election in the Philippines. My family has this belief that whoever will be the next president will be the same as his/her predecessor GMA. So we told ourselves that we will not waste our time thinking or discussing about who will be the next leader. But then we realized that there is still hope for our country as there are still good people out there. Two prominent ones are of course Mar Roxas and Chiz Escudero. And my family has decided that the best will be Chiz Escudero. So if ever, our support will be for him. Yes, we believe that the Philippines will be better handled by a young blood that is Mr. Escudero.
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Anonymous said...

Ms. Luchie:

I am part of Team Chiz - the senator's volunteer group. We would like to thank you for posting kind words about Chiz in your personal blog. Thank you for supporting him!

Jowana Bueser