Monday, August 20, 2007

The Ultimate Bourne

Matt Damon's movie opened in cinemas here in Singapore last 16th of August. It was only last Saturday when we were able to watched it at Causeway Point. Well, it was a fast paced movie and compared to the first two, the Bourne Identity and the Bourne Supremacy, it made me glued to the screen from beginning to end. Yeah, I was not able to finished eating my small bag of popcorn. meaning, I enjoyed the movie.

The movie magazine First, has this ads: Remember everything. Forgive nothing. Yeah, how can Matt Damon forgive those people who made him Jason Bourne when in reality he was David Webb?

Hmm... For me, I can also remember everything. And that made me so negative these past few days. I can't forget. I can't forgive.

I just hope that someday, I can forgive and forget.......

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