Sunday, May 06, 2007

For the love of Spidey

Since we learnt that Spider-Man 3 would be shown on cinemas here, my family anticipated on watching it. My daughter tried to book for our tickets on the opening day, the first of May, but she was not able to book seats for four. So she booked for a later date; the following Saturday, 5th May. Unfortunately, my husband had to fly to Vietnam. So we paid for four tickets, but only three tickets were used. Hmmm, waste of money? Of course! But what to do? We tried to invite others but they had prior commitments. So, my daughter just gave it away to the cinema receptionist.

But mind you, though it was really sayang, the movie was enjoyable of course. It was also interesting and funny to see Toby Maguire's naughty Peter Parker dancing and flirting on the street of New York.

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