Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My simple, old digital camera

I really love my simple old digital camera. Why so? Ah, it became a routine piece of equipment in my classroom. With it, I am able to document each of my children’s learning. I was even able to do power point presentation for each of my children which I presented to their parents. So my PTM/PTC (Parent Teacher Meeting/Conference) went well. Thanks to my digital camera.

For pre-school teachers like me who are keen to support their children’s development and learning, and who believe in the best documentation there is, I suggest that you provide yourself a digital camera. It surely will be a great help for you.

Just look at this photo. We say that a photo paints a thousand words. Surely this photo shows how and what my students are doing and learning.

Here are some photo-taking strategies for educators (by Cynthia Hoisington):

* Keep the camera within easy reach in the classroom and charged at all times.

* Take photos unobtrusively, yet often enough so that children get used to seeing you with a camera in your hand.

* Capture the entire structure when photographing any structure that children are building.

* Take individual photos of various structures from approximately the same angles and distances for easier comparison later.

* Have a goal in mind when you take photos of children building. Your goal will influence what you decide to focus.

* Be spontaneous sometimes too. If something that children are building draws your attention or piques you interest, snap it. Don’t worry if you don’t have a goal for every photo.

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