Friday, March 09, 2007


I just came from my course. And I decided I better write an entry. Why so? Because I just came from a nice, well, a good lecture. Ahh, I like the topic. It was about MI or Multiple Intelligences by Dr. Howard Gardner. My lecturer just made my three hours this night a satisfying one. If all the lecturers would be as good as him, I'll completely say that it is really nice to upgrade, whatever you may think of what an upgrade is.

Well, going back to MI. In 1995, Dr. Gardner added a new type of intelligence aside from the seven which he introduced in 1983. He introduced the Naturalist Intelligence. Here, a person with this type of intelligence has the ability to recognize flora and fauna and to make other consequential distinctions in the natural world. Do you think you have this type of intelligence? If you'll ask me, I don't have. But wait, maybe a little. My score in this would be at lest a 3 in the scale of 1 to 10. Wahhh! I am not like my mother, kasi, who has a green thumb and can produce the nice orchid flowers around and can name most of the plants in her environment. She also has that natural love for animals and or pets.

But mind you, I have my own type of intelligence and or intelligences. And I am proud of my strengths.

So, how many types of intelligences are there ba? As I mentioned, we have 8. But according to my lecturer, when Dr. Gardner was asked that question, he answered 8 and 1/2. Ayyy, is that possible ba? Well, Dr Gardner has not enough datas that was why he answered 8 and 1/2. But in due time, he'll be able to present the 9th, which is the Existentialist Intelligence. Ohh, I'll wait for that time when his data will be presented to the public.

So dear folks, we know now that because of our uniqueness, we have different intelligences. So no person around is not intelligent. Everyone has his own type of intelligence. So stop saying boba or bobo, di ba?

Joking aside, I want to thank my lecturer for a nice lecture. It was a good lecture really. That was why I gave him a perfect 5 for my evaluation.

Hmmm, bye for now, I'll be soooooooooooo busy with my projects, literature review and temperament profile. Hope you will still visit my site once in a while.

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