Sunday, November 05, 2006

An Afternoon in Orchard

This afternoon we met my cousin and his wife in Orchard Road. They came for a 2 days package tour of Singapore flying with Cebu Pacific.

Since it was 2 weeks ago when my husband and I went to Orchard, we were so pleased with the new Holiday ambience there. I like the new designs for Christmas. Crystals really amazed me. And speaking of Orchard during Holiday season, it is always the best place for me.


sachiko said...

Hi luchie!

I flew via singapore airlines for the first time and i had a very good flight,food and service,guess i should visit the country too and taste some of the delicious foods there!

I like your dress,cute naman and the twins! they look so adorable! Happy Birthday x2 !

Luchie said...

SIA is the best airline around. having attended my last session of National Education, made me proud that I am a resident here. and when you come for a visit do inform me Sachi!